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Kalamazoo campus swan pondIf you regret not being able to go to the 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan (or you just didn’t get to all the sessions you wanted, or you want to review the ones that you did attend), I’ve collected some blog posts and videos that might give you a taste of the kinds of topics that were discussed. This conference is huge, with over 500 sessions in all fields of medieval studies, so my list is not representative, but the following links will lead you to a few summaries of presentations and in some cases, even entire conference papers.

I’ll start with the Tolkien at Kalamazoo sessions. Although I sometimes write up summaries of Tolkien conference sessions for this blog, this year Andrew Higgins has done the work with an excellent “Kalamazoo 2014 Round-Up” for the Tolkien Society.

Kisha Tracy also commented on the Fall of Arthur session, as well as other Thursday presentations on the Mass Medieval blog.

Kalamazoo 2014Moving away from the Tolkien sessions, you can sample some of the following:

  •  Anticipations of the conference experience: “Kalamazoo Rendezvous” by Kisha Tracy on Mass Medieval.
  • J.P. Sexton and Kisha Tracy on Mass Medieval describe their experiences in various sessions on each day of the conference, including topics such as disability studies, Celtic studies, the Anglo-Scandinavian world, teaching history of the English language, and more. Days 1-2; Thursday; Friday and another Friday report; and Saturday.

Kalamazoo spring 2014The Babel Working Group sponsored a session on punctuation, and some of the presentations are available in their entirety:

  • Jonathan Hsy:  “&.”  Guest post on Mass Medieval.
  • Josh Eyler:  “, (A Breath).” Guest post on Mass Medieval.

Kzoo 2014Medievalists.net also published a few Kalamazoo features. First, two presentations on video:

And two reports:

And finally, a video with John France, Elizabeth Koza and Danielle Trynoski discussing personal highlights of the conference in “The Medievalverse Roundtable from Kalamazoo.”

Added May 22:

  • Heather Rose Jones has posted a series in which she was “Live-blogging Kalamazoo” including sessions on Dress and Textiles, Latin Homoerotics, Medieval Magic, Warrior Women in Medieval Eurasia, Merlin’s Colleagues, and more.

Added May 23:

  • Yvonne Seale’s summaries of various sessions including Medieval Manuscripts in the Digital Age, Colette of Corbie, Advances in Medieval Archaeology, Beyond Medieval Women and Power, The Afterlives of Medieval Women, and the plenary on The Libel of the Lamb, on her blog, Furta Sacra.

Added May 25:  Megan Arnott’s recap of various Anglo-Saxon and Norse sessions and one on Harry Potter on her blog, The Modern Historian, the Canadian Medievalist, and other such Oxymorons

Added May 27:  not exactly a blog post but a webpage for Kristine Larsen’s Intro. to the Astrolabe workshop (see below):  Using Astrolabes: Resources for Medievalists and the Astronomers Who Love Them.  The page includes a link to the workshop handout and promises more how-to guides and sample problems over the summer.

Added May 28:

  • Rick Godden has added the text of his talk for the Disability Studies and Digital Humanities roundtable in “Humanities Accessed” as well as the conclusion to his paper “Prosthetic Neighbors: Enabling Community in the Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle.” in Kalamazoo paper, in closing” on his blog, Parasynchronies.

Added May 29:  Jonathan Hsy’s look back on twitter use at Kzoo 2014, focusing on the usefulness and transformative value of twitter for medievalists (and all academics):  “#medievaltwitter revisited: #kzoo2014 (BuzzFeed-style wrap-up)” on In the Middle.

Added June 4:

  • Laura Saetveit Miles has posted her talk, “Once and Future Feminism” on In the Middle. Her talk was part of the “Writing the Middle Ages for Multiple Audiences” panel. (See the link above for David Perry’s paper from that session).

Added June 6:

Added June 10:  A brief summary of the session on “Gower and Science at ICMS 2014″ on The Gower Project blog.

Any other links that can be added to this list?

Intro to the astrolabe, Kzoo 2014
Intro to the astrolabe, with astronomer Kristine Larsen teaching a packed audience.

Kzoo astrolabe

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  1. Every year I do a “live blog” of the sessions I attend on my Live Journal (http://hrj.livejournal.com/tag/kalamazoo). Mostly clothing & textiles, women’s studies, queer studies, and assorted material culture. The primary purpose is just to help me focus my attention, but I also hope to entice others to consider giving the conference a try.


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