I hope these pages will give you a glimpse into my activities as an English professor at Mount Saint Vincent University. The Teaching page includes links to current course outlines as well as information about my other teaching experiences. For a look at my various scholarly activities, go to the Research page. I’ve also included a page called Service – as every professor knows, part of our job is to work on administrative tasks enabling the running of the university. On the Service page, I outline some of the recent projects I have been involved in that have contributed to the intellectual life and ongoing maintenance of the university. A Single Leaf is my blog, a small space where I post information relevant to my students and to researchers and members of the public interested in the fields I work in. The Contact page includes everything you need to know to get in touch with me.

I am currently a professor in the Department of English at Mount Saint Vincent University. I’ve also served as an adjunct faculty member in the graduate English program at Dalhousie University and in the Joint M.A. in Women and Gender Studies (Saint Mary’s University and Mount Saint Vincent). All three of these universities are located in the lively city of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. Although I have now lived here for many years, I am originally from Montreal, where I completed my undergraduate degree at what was then Loyola College (but which became part of Concordia University by the time I graduated). I continued my studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where I received an M.A. and a PhD specializing in Old English literature. Before finishing my doctorate, though, I spent two years teaching on sessional contracts at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John and at Brock University in Ontario. Once I had that PhD in hand, I moved my family to Halifax so that I could take up a position at Mount Saint Vincent.

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Image: The image used at the top of this page is a detail from early drawings by J.R.R. Tolkien published in the J.R.R. Tolkien Calendar 1979 by George Allen and Unwin. The image can also be found in various places online.


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