Tracking Tolkien conference listings

In the past I’ve tried to list all of the Tolkien-related conferences that I knew of in the coming year, but now I’ve discovered that I don’t have to. Marcel Aubron-Bülles at The Tolkienist has compiled a wonderful list of Tolkien-related meetings throughout Europe and North America, more extensive than anything I would do! So just go to The Tolkienist and look at Tolkien-related events in 2014 if you’re interested in finding a meeting of Tolkien fans and/or scholars in the months ahead.

I was equally pleased to find that John Rateliff over at Sacnoth’s Scriptorium has extracted a list of the Tolkien sessions at this year’s International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, something that I also try to do every year, if only for my own convenience — it’s hard to keep track of the Tolkien at Kalamazoo sessions out of the hundreds of panels on offer every year!  Now you can read the 2014 Tolkien at Kalamazoo schedule and More Tolkien at 2014 Kalamazoo (including C.S. Lewis) on John’s blog.

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