New website: Tolkien and Alliterative Verse

Logo for Tolkien & Alliterative Verse designed by Gavin Foster. Copyright Gavin Foster.

I’ve just launched a new website designed as a research resource for anyone interested in Tolkien’s alliterative poetry: Tolkien and Alliterative Verse at How much alliterative verse did Tolkien write? Check out our Descriptive Bibliography. What is alliterative verse? We’ve got Some Online Guides to Alliterative Metre to illustrate this medieval English style of poetry. What did Tolkien say about alliterative metre? Take a look at a few excerpts in Tolkien’s Notes on Alliterative Metre.

My research assistants and I are still working on the site, adding information as we go, but there is plenty to look at right now. We’ll have a list of secondary sources coming soon.

A blog associated with the site, called “Woven Words,” will announce additions to the site and post information about conference papers and publications as well as give some insight, we hope, into the research lives of professors, students, poets, and fans. Please subscribe on the “Woven Words” page to make sure you don’t miss any posts!

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