Year’s Work in Medievalism becomes open access

Page HeaderThe peer-reviewed scholarly journal Year’s Work in Medievalism has just become an open-access online publication.  One of its editors, Ed Risden, summarizes the contents of the latest volume: “This current volume includes essays by Nick Haydock on Beowulf in film, Alison Ganze Langdon on Maria Edgeworth’s “The Modern Griselda,” Nick Utzig’s on The Cloisters, William Sayers’ on James Joyce, Helen Young on race in video games, Karl Fugelso’s Seymour Chast’s graphic novel version of the Commedia, Matt Schwager’s on Amnesia:The Dark Descent, Nanette Thrush’s on Victorian miniatures, and Kathryn Wymer’s race in Arthurian film.”  In other words, a wonderful range of topics, now available to readers anywhere with an internet connection.

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